About us

PM Live is one of the largest mobile broadcasters platform which focuses on webcam modeling. We have been representing many of the highest paid models in the field. Meanwhile, we offer great respect and support to those broadcasters to ensure their success.

Are you an attractive female or male over 18 years of age who is kindly, personalized, and enjoys being in front of the camera? Do you want to look for a fun job that let you make money no limits of time and place? If you want, it may be worthy of reading.

We offer a large platform with over 1 million visitors per day. Our broadcasters make more because many customers are willing to spend money. Some models on our platform made as much as over $1,000 in a day. This is true because we own such a high volume of traffic so that models can easily get some paying customers in their chat rooms at once. Not every platform can provide so much exposure and opportunity to models.

For some people who have never done broadcasters or had a webcam job before, here it comes. Audiences choose a model on our app by clicking on the mobile screen from a list of models. The broadcaster chats with each guest by using voice call or video call, but need to be invited to a private chat. The broadcaster earns money accounted by minutes that each client spend in private chat, so if there are 10 clients in her private chat room in a day, the model makes much money.The model is free to end each session at any time but generally accepted by guests. The model's important information remains private at all times, so there is no any danger of being interrupted outside of working time, and we offer related rules to protect our models so that there is never any kind of rude contact exist.

We prefer to provide part time jobs to models so you can work as little or many hours as you prefer to, and can be at any place you want, as long as you have an iPhone with a high speed Internet connection that provide high quality video. The growing people prefer personalized, thus in most cases, personality plays an important role in being successful than looks. Models who earn the most money not only show their talents, but also remember the tips about each client to make him/her think special. Top broadcasters earn well in over $200,000 per year. Pay attention: We never charge our models fees of application or after being hired, Click here to submit your model application now. If you would like more information before applying, please see our FAQ  page or contact us.

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